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Meet JeliFashion, an enterprise set up by a young Ghanaian entrepreneur living in the Netherlands. JeliFashion was established on 22nd of July 2013 in Amsterdam. The idea of starting this initiative came up when Jessica (18), CEO/founder, was looking for African print accessories with a West-European touch. Since it was nearly impossible to find she decided to step up her game and create the accessories herself. It started with ntoma/kente unisex bow ties and now JeliFashion has expanded itself and sells handmade accessories and clothing at home, expositions and cultural events. Also does she do custom-made African clothing for artists in the Netherlands.

Her motto behind her journey is: embracing the Africa(n) in you. She sees the awareness and interest in African culture booming in even Hollywood.

A perfect description would be: a modern sleek handmade / tailor-made African prints accessories which takes the African style to a complete different platform with its magnificent ancient / modern blend and an excellent touch from Europe.

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